ENV Model Shop


Welcome to the official page of the College of Environmental Design (ENV) Model Shop. This facility is available to ENV students who have successfully completed the certification process. Students must have their Bronco ID with the Environmental Design Model Shop sticker to access the shop.

Passing the written Safety Exam and knowledge of shop tools are the minimum requirements. Students are required to show common sense, courtesy and responsibility as they develop and hone their skills from this point forward.


The ENV Model Shop is located in the Apparel Merchandising and Management Building (Bldg. 45, Room 103) east of the Interim Design Center (Bldg. 89).
Need help? Find Bldg. 45 on the Campus Map.




Delmer Guillen, Instructional Services Technician III | (909) 979-6695

(Updated 07/31/20)

    Online Study Guide

    The Certification Process must be completed before access is granted to the Model Shop for class projects.  The Hands-On training will be conducted by the Model Shop staff and student can sign up upon passing the Safety test.

    Model Shop Certification Process:

    1. Review the Online Study Guide.
    2. Pass the Online Safety test in Blackboard.
    3. Sign up for Hands-On training in Blackboard. Ten (10) sessions per week will be available during Weeks 2-5.
    4. Complete Hands-On Training - Build a 4"x4"x4.75" personalized laser-etched pen holder box. It will be a one-hour session in groups of 15 students.
    5. Enter the Emergency contact information in the Model Shop database and receive the ENV Model Shop sticker for Bronco ID.

    Failure to comply with written safety practices may result in referall to Cal Poly Pomona Judicial Affairs for Disciplinary Action.


    This section will introduce you to the equipment and their proper usage. Before proceeding, make sure to familiarize yourself with the Online Study Guide tab. This will be useful during your time at the ENV Model Shop. And remember: When in doubt, ask for help. Friendly and knowledgeable Model Shop technicians are here to assist you.



    Pricing & Other Services


    CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Machine for 2D and 3D milling of wood and foam: $1/minute

    Laser Cutter (cardboard, museum board, chip board and basswood and acrylic): $0.90/minute


    There are materials available for purchase at below-market value, including plywood and other various woods.


    Safety equipment is available for purchase, including safety glasses, earplugs, and dust masks.


    Hand tools and portable power tools are available for overnight checkout. A late fee of $2 per handtool and $5 for power tools will be applicable if the tools are not returned within 24 hours of checkout.