Alexander Ortenberg

(909) 869-2693

Dr. Alexander Ortenberg received his Master of Architecture degree from the Moscow Architectural Institute and his doctorate from UCLA. He is a registered architect in the state of California. Associate Professor Ortenberg has taught at Cal Poly Pomona for 9 years. He teaches design studios at all levels, professional electives introducing the theory and practice of architectural representation (including free-hand drawing), and required lecture classes in architectural history and theory, and programming.

Associate Professor Ortenberg’s research interests are related to the history of architectural practice, architectural representation, and the history of exposition architecture. He presented papers related to these topics and chaired a number of discussion panels at several international conferences. His article, “Joy in the Act of Drawing …,” was published in the Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians. This research informs Professor Ortenberg’s seminars and studios, contributing to students’ deeper understanding of the essence of representational vs non-representational design techniques. A manuscript of a book that was co-edited by Dr. Ortenberg (tentative title, "Architecture of Great Expositions 1937-1958: Reckoning with Global War") is currently under review at Ashgate.