Architecture Professor Lauren Bricker Named University of Buffalo's 2019 Clarkson Visiting Chair in Planning

The University of Buffalo School of Architecture and Planning named architecture professor and architectural historian Lauren Bricker as the 2019 Clarkson Visiting Chair in Planning.

Every year, two awards are given to a distinguished scholar or professional in architecture, planning and design, selected by the school's architecture and planning departments. Bricker's selection as an expert in historic preservation befit the planning department's historic preservation concentration.

The Clarkson program includes a public lecture, a panel on modern architecture, and seminars with faculty, students and community. Bricker's lecture, "Conserving the Vitality of our Historic Places," examines the ways preservationists can reassess and interpret historic sites to develop strategies for maintaining their vitality in the face of climate change, the democratization of preservationm, and re-evaluation of sites and related architectural works in the recent past (1970s-80s).

View Bricker's public lecture and Q&A session in its entirety below.