CPP ARC Students selected for RCSA Conference

Congratulations to students of CPP_ARC and their professors for works accepted to the CPP Student RCSA Conference Friday, March 3rd, 2017

Selected works from this event will be advanced to a CSU-wide conference. 

Juan Pablo Onate, Bim gi Kim and Chin man (Max) Lam are presenting their work for: "Determining the Modulus of Elasticity of Gelatin by Experimentation"
Professor Gary McGavin

Juan Pablo Onate, Bim gi Kim and Chin man (Max) Lam are presenting their work for: 
"A Three Dimensional Print of a Seismic Record" 
Professor Gary McGavin

Abigail Robles, Pedro Cuin, Gabriella Compolong, Alejandra Novelo, Luis Montoya, Henry Alcantra, Tiffany Dela Cruz, Sklyer Maroste, Paola Murillo, and Mariana Uy will be presenting the grid shell structure that we saw erected in the ENV Gallery during the Fall term. Assistant Professor Marc Schulitz

Kojchakorn "New" Ngamnimitthum, will be exhibiting church design, "Calm Nest."
Assistant Professor Katrin Terstegen 

Shree Ravichandran, will be exhibiting church design, "Serenity Within."
Assistant Professor Katrin Terstegen