Online Study Guide

The Certification Process must be completed before access is granted to the Model Shop for class projects.  The Hands-On training will be conducted by the Model Shop staff and student can sign up upon passing the Safety test.

Model Shop Certification Process:

  1. Review the Online Study Guide.
  2. Pass the Online Safety test in Blackboard.
  3. Sign up for Hands-On training in Blackboard. Ten (10) sessions per week will be available during Weeks 2-5.
  4. Complete Hands-On Training - Build a 4"x4"x4.75" personalized laser-etched pen holder box. It will be a one-hour session in groups of 15 students.
  5. Enter the Emergency contact information in the Model Shop database and receive the ENV Model Shop sticker for Bronco ID.

Failure to comply with written safety practices may result in referall to Cal Poly Pomona Judicial Affairs for Disciplinary Action.