Stephanie Wagner, "#328"

Term / Course:
Fall 2016

Stephanie Wagner makes prints, drawings and sculptures that are often shown together as an installation. Repeating color palettes and forms explore geometry as a way of organizing information.

Her works are made through self-imposed rules that can be perceived as liberating constraints. The separate pieces create a formal interdependence, while simultaneously forming a new singular body. The spiraling torus shape is a representation of a continuous energy field which is ever moving yet self-contained. Multi-layered images cross in front of and behind each other with pastel colors pulsating in and out of focus. Central to the work is an exploration of the human desire for essentialism, simplicity, and order in an otherwise chaotic world.

Inspired by Pantone’s color of the year, Rose Quartz, Wagner makes subtle commentary on consumerism. The looping lines and tactile surfaces invoke a visual display of goods available in a department store. The soft, yet saccharine, color palette suggests feelings of mindfulness and well-being. It is through color and shape that the viewer is reminded that we are the creators of mass consumerism. Stephanie Wagner attempts to make the experience a little more palatable

Colored pencil on black paper #328