Don B. Huntley College of Ag. Naming Ceremony & ENV Exhibition

Exhibition Dates: 
November 18, 2016 to November 19, 2016

Don B. Huntley‘s passions include a collection of western art that he shares with the university and Cal Poly community. Over the years, Mr. Huntley has donated a number of oil on canvas paintings that depict wildlife, landscapes and buckaroo art to the University. These pieces, plus other paintings and antique items included in his estate, constitute the Huntley Western Art Collection. Well-known artists in his collection include Bill Anton, Bonnie Marris, Curt Walters and Ralph Oberg. 

In this special quasi-comprehensive exhibition, a varied selection of artwork covers the previously curated themes of “Creatures of the Wild West”, “Living Life in the West”, and “Windows to the West” among a gorgeous selection of landscapes and mountain views. Many of the paintings selected, reflect the points of view of the people of the west – from the cowhand, to the native, from the immigrant worker to the female present in the western landscape. Of the depictions of animals selected, most reflect the animals that live, traverse, subsist and survive in what we call the wild, wild, west. Each animal group and human demographic represents the necessary components held by the delicate balance of relationships between each other and the vast, diverse and rugged landscape.