CPP Landscape Architecture Lecture Series: ON SITE

Saturday, October 6, 2018 - 3:30pm to 4:30pm

 Laura Solano, principal Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates Boston


Saturday @ 3:30pm

WUHO Gallery: 6518 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028


Laura Solano, principal Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates Boston

Laura is widely regarded as an expert in the field of landscape technology and sustainability, and her leadership and knowledge inform the design, construction, and post-construction maintenance of MVVA’s projects. Her particular areas of expertise include the integration of stormwater management, complexities of on-structure landscapes, use of sustainable soil, innovative approaches for landscape materials, and techniques for organic maintenance. In collaboration with Matt Urbanski and Michael Van Valkenburgh, Laura serves as a managing principal for planning and design projects from their earliest phases and oversees the technical aspects of MVVA’s landscapes firm-wide. 


CPPLA Fall 2018 Lecture Program: 

ON SITE is a lecture series that features female speakers reflecting upon issues, questions and opportunities pertaining to ‘site’. The series highlights the multiplicity of meanings and perceptions of site, as both a physical construct and conceptual idea while being in all cases a politically charged and timely topic. It is a platform for women to share their approach to site research and documentation, perceived realities or misinterpretations of site, site boundaries, how the notion of site has changed over time, direct experiences as a designer on a construction site etc. Working in the expansive field of landscape design and urbanism in a variety of capacities, such as design, construction, professional practice, academia, writing, theory and community activism the speakers will dive deeply into ‘site’ - or ‘cite’ or ‘sight’? - as a rich territory from which to initiate a dialogue. With the current spotlight on equity, diversity and inclusion that reaches across many sectors, ON SITE brings the voices of these women into the foreground at a critical moment in time. 


ON SITE Sponsors:

Cal Poly Pomona Department of Landscape Architecture

Cal Poly Pomona College of Environmental Design

Cal Poly Pomona Office of Equity, Inclusion and Compliance

Woodbury School of Architecture

Gabrielle Bullock + Rocky Carroll

Barbara Bestor

MIIM Designs


Rennie Tang