LA 103L: Final Review

Wednesday, June 7, 2017 -
9:00am to 12:00pm
Building 7 Atrium
Shoshone Pool
Shoshone Pool

LA 103L: Final Review

The students and faculty of LA 103L, Basic Landscape Design, would like to invite you to the final review of the work of their studio: Swimming in Process.  These first-year design students are excited to share their projects and insights into immersing themselves into the landscape.

  • June 7, 2017
  • ENV Atrium and Gallery
  • 9:00 am -12:00 noon
  • Salon Style; moving in and amongst the students and projects freely- a less traumatic initiation into the process of reviews
  • RSVP for parking to by Friday, June 2nd


The final project; the subject of this review; asked these first-year design students to consider the following:


Landscape Immersion

In this final project, students will present fundamental landscape design relationships as informed by a prescribed process and design program in relationship to the physical and perceptual qualities of water.  This second project is site-less but set in a desert context; it is not in any particular place, but informed by landscape experiences of the desert field trip, especially the experience of water in an arid landscape.  


Swimming in Process

In this project, studio participants were tasked with designing a landscape in which a body of water (pool) is situated (specifically placed) and conditioned (specifically prepared) to meet a series of programmatic (prescribed uses/functions/performance) needs.  In the simplest terms, the project is to prepare a site/ground, incorporate a controlled body of water/pool, and adjust the designed relationships between the two elements to reveal a series of physical experiences and perceptual events.


This project is designed not as a singular use but as a landscape poised for multiple forms of human and natural occupancy.  This is less a pool as it is a device of multiple utility that attempts to move towards multiple interpretations beyond the singular understanding of ‘swimming’ or ‘observation’.


This pool is to be poised between knowing and ambiguity- a device of multiple utility in a landscape of indexed performance, set to be revealed through curiosity and physical immersion.

Faculty: Andrew Wilcox
Phil Pregill
James Becerra