Thursday Evening Workshop: Color Rendering with Richard Scott

Thursday, January 5, 2017 -
7:00pm to 10:00pm
Building 7, Room 212
Richard Scott
Richard Scott

$10 per workshop; food will be included

Space for these workshops will be limited! Each of these workshops will have space for 50 students - 21 spaces (7 per year level) for Grads and 28 spaces for undergrads (7 per year level). 

Richard E. Scott, ASLA, ASAI, is a Landscape Architect, teacher, architectural illustrator, and fine artist. He has taught in the Landscape Architecture Department at Cal Poly Pomona, the Landscape Architecture Extension Program at UCLA, and the Environmental Design Program at Art Center, Pasadena.


Recommended Materials List

The tools listed below are what I use. You’re welcome to bring other pens and colored pencils. If you don’t have the colored pencils listed below, be sure, at a minimum, to bring bright warm and cool colors of all six hues (yellow, red, blue, green, orange, violet).

Pens (Black)

  • Thick: Pentel Sign Pen, or Sharpie Fine Tip Marker
  • Medium: Pentel Stylo, or any medium-point pen
  • Fine: Pilot Razor Point, or Micron Pigma 01, or any fine-point felt-tip pen you like to use (stay away from ball-point pens)

Colored pencils (14 total) – I recommend the regular Prismacolor colored pencils (not the Verithin variety)

  • Warm and cool greens (Prismacolor Apple Green and Grass Green)
  • Dark green (Prismacolor Dark Green)
  • Warm and cool reds (Prismacolor Poppy Red and Process Red)
  • Dark red (Prismacolor Terra Cotta)
  • Warm and cool yellows (Prismacolor Canary Yellow and Yellow Chartreuse)
  • Dark yellow (Prismacolor (Prismacolor Light Umber)
  • Light blue (Prismacolor Non-Photo Blue)
  • Dark blue (Prismacolor Copenhagen Blue)
  • Bright orange (Prismacolor Pale Vermillion)
  • Bright Violet (Prismacolor Parma Violet)
  • White and Black (Prismacolor White and Black)

Pencil sharpener
Drafting tape or drafting dots
Tracing paper (whatever kind you prefer)