Mapping the Los Angeles Aqueduct

Los Angeles Water Cycle (c) 2016 Barry Lehrman
Los Angeles Water Cycle (c) 2016 Barry Lehrman

Barry Lehrman, assistant professor of landscape architecture, published his article Visualizing water infrastructure with Sankey maps: a case study of mapping the Los Angeles Aqueduct, California, in the June edition of the Journal of Maps.

His article delves into the theory and practices behind the Sankey map exhibited in Lehrman's Aqueduct Futures project, conceived in January 2012 as part of the commemoration of the Los Angeles Aqueduct Centennial, a study and proposals for the transformation of the aqueduct system into a resilient, multifunctional water supply to meet the region’s 21st century needs. Publication of the Aqueduct Futures article was supported by the College of Environmental Design’s professional development funding.

The project is an ongoing endeavor. In the past, Lehrman has presented his findings at the 2017 California Reuse Conference in San Diego; and has encouraged the involvement of his students in parametric design and eidetic video projects.