Student Research

Student research
Student research

Students, faculty and visiting scholars conduct research and demonstration projects at the Lyle Center. Spanning disciplines in design, physical and social sciences, engineering and beyond, their work demonstrate the ways in which regenerative studies are intertwined in inquiries to shape and understand a future in which regenerative systems play an increasing role in advancing innovations to uplift our local and global communities.

The list of projects and theses are listed separately in the page tabs according to bibliographic MMS ID, author name, and subject. The list exemplifies the diversity of topics with relevant connections to regenerative studies -- from sustainable architecture and energy consumption, to wastewater and watershed issues, to air quality and transportation, to finance and community development, to ecology and biological monitoring.

Submissions inventoried on this page date before 2016 and can be located using their MMS IDs.

Theses after 2017 are in the digital archives maintained by the University Library at