URP/EWS Professor Alvaro Huerta wins the Edward Blakely Award

Dr. Alvaro Huerta, an Assistant Professor in the the Department of Urban and Regional Planning and Ethnic and Women's Studies departments won the 2016 Edward Blakely Award. The award was give at the meeting of the Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning conference meeting in Portland, Oregon.

The Planners of Color Interest Group (POCIG), a group affiliated with the Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning (ACSP) established the Edward Blakely Award. This achievement award is given to an honoree who has supported the cause of social justice, particularly in urban planning or development, for communities of color. 

This award is in honor of Edward Blakely, who has offered extraordinary service as both scholar and practitioner following examples from his family, including in particular his father Edward Blakely, his mother Josephine Carter Blakely, and all of his uncles and aunts and cousins who lived and worked for social justice in communities of color, particularly during the years of legally-enforced racial segregation.