ARC in Motion

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Third Year Glimpse

CPP ARC: THIRD YEAR. Long days and late nights, third-year undergraduate architecture students allowed cameras to document their progress with studio projects and public reviews in the Atrium. (Music: "onceagain,"

NEUTRA VDL Research House

WELCOME TO THE NEUTRA VDL RESEARCH HOUSE. Among many off-site resources available to CPP ARC students is the Neutra VDL Research Studio and Residences, bequeathed to the Cal Poly Pomona by Mrs. Dione Neutra, widow of former lecturer Richard Neutra, a pioneer in mid-century modern architecture. The facility is operated and managed by the College of Environmental Design. It open to the public and used as a laboratory by faculty and students.

Schrage Home

A GIFT FOR GENERATIONS. Steve and Marian Dodge, longtime Cal Poly Pomona supporters and patrons of modern architecture, in 2011 beqeathed the Schrage House in Los Feliz to the College of Environmental Design to advance the study of modern architecture. Named after the original owners, David and Riva Schrage, it is notable for being the only steel-and-glass residence designed by modernist architect Raphael Soriano that still exists in its near-original state. It bears its designer's signature aesthetic: modular, incorporating prefabricated steel, glass, and resin-bonded plywood. Architecture historians consider it one of Soriano's finest designs.

Glen Lukens House

INTERVIEW WITH MICHAEL CHAPMAN. Designed by modernist architect Raphael Soriano for ceramic arist Glen Lukens, this International-style residence was saved from irreparable dilapidation through a joint effort by the Los Angeles Conservancy Modern Committee and West Adams Heritage Association, and was designated a Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument in 2007. The house was later purchased by Michael Chapman, who rehabilitated the house while restoring and replacing historic elements. In this interview, Chapman describes the stages and thought process behind saving this architecturally significant home.