Bachelor of Architecture

Franco Mellone BArch '19 Senior Project Presentation (George Proctor)
Franco Mellone BArch '19 Senior Project Presentation (George Proctor)


The Bachelor of Architecture degree is offered in a five-year curriculum, which focuses on the design laboratory. The studio sequence consists of four segments: a three-year basic core, three-semester topic studios, and a two-semester long culminating senior project. Lecture classes in Architecture Theory and History, Human Behavior, Professional Practice, Programming, Sustainability, Building Technology, Structures, Codes and Digital Media are closely coordinated with the studio sequence, and students are expected to demonstrate their knowledge of these areas in their design projects.

Course work within the Department of Architecture is open only to those students who have been admitted to the Department and are designated Architecture majors.

Undergraduate B.Arch Flow Chart


Admission to the undergraduate program is possible either as a first-time freshman or as a transfer student from a recognized college.

Undergraduate admissions are processed and managed by the University (not by the Department of Architecture).

The undergraduate program in the Department of Architecture is considered to be "impacted," that is, many more students apply than can be accommodated each year and a supplementary admissions process is required by the University and the Department; all candidates must meet regular University admission standards as well as additional standards required by the Department of Architecture.

For specific information, and application instructions, please refer to the Office of Admissions & Enrollment Planning.

For further information about University requirements for "impacted" majors, please refer to the Undergraduate Admissions for freshmen and for transfer student requirements:


The BArch, or Bachelor of Architecture, requires 150 semester units for the degree.

The 150 semester units include:

  • 48 semester units of General Education (of these, 12 units are within the Department of Architecture/College of Environmental Design)
  • 102 semester units within the Department of Architecture (of these, 16 units are professional electives, which allows students to focus on Sustainability, Historic Preservation, Health Care Design, History/Theory, or Digital Media, if they choose to do so.)

Undergraduate B.Arch Flow Chart

B.Arch Curriculum sheets can be found here.