Nadim Itani

(909) 869-3167

Nadim Itani has a first professional Bachelor of Architecture degree and a Master of Architecture degree from Cal Poly Pomona. He has twelve years of part time teaching experience in the second and third year undergraduate design studio sequence. His graduate work explored preliterate cultures' divergent climatic environments and adaptability, which allow the rediscovery of valuable sustainable strategies for contemporary application; that early research still influences his teaching methodologies. Mr. Itani has 17 years of professional experience, ranging all project phases, and has worked with varying sized firms at varying capacities, from office operations, design, to construction administration. Currently he maintains a small practice focusing on custom residential work as well as maintaining a working relationship with his partners in the operation of a design collaborative focusing on project procurement and design. His professional experience in the design to construction sequence has been an asset to his students.