ARC lecturer to design AIA|LA 2x8 exhibit

Over/Under (Image courtesy of Garet Ammerman/ THR.D studio, Inc.)
Over/Under (Image courtesy of Garet Ammerman/ THR.D studio, Inc.)

Lecturer Garet Ammerman's "Over/Under" exhibit design proposal was selected as the winning entry for AIA|LA's 2x8 Exhibit Design Competition.

Each year the event invites architecture students and faculty from the state's top architecture programs to compete in a scholarship event and the chance to design the 2x8 exhibit. This year's win brings welcome attention to Ammerman's young practice, THR.D studio, Inc.

The 2x8 exhibition opening is tentatively scheduled in October. Read an excerpt of the "Over/Under" project description below:

The Over / Under exhibit design proposal is driven by 3 key concepts. First, the creation of an exceptionally immersive environment offering a playful discovery of the students’ work. Second, the creation of movement or congregation zones by varying the types of spaces throughout the gallery. Lastly, the integration of an innovative second life aspect for the exhibition materials by incorporating LA inspired, skate park ramps. These ramps will be accepted and reconstructed by Oasis of Hollywood, an organization that works with inner city youth. The overall organizational strategy is layered into 4 distinct zones: entry, walk-over exhibit, walk-under exhibit and arrival. The exhibit structure consists of 9 total ‘pods’, 6 voided, that are attached by a flat floor or ceiling element, and 3 floating solids. The orientation of the design counters a traditional gallery box by offering oblique view angles of the work and non-frontal approaches; a wondering discovery of the works hidden around bends and niches. The exhibition is domestic spatially, in scale and in material.