CPP/ARC senior wins inaugural SOM Foundation Robert L. Wesley Award

Fifth-year student Corey Norman will receive a $5,000 scholarship prize after being selected as one of five national honorees of the SOM Foundation's Robert L. Wesley Award. Named in honor of the firm's first Black partner, the program supports BIPOC undergraduate students studying architecture, landscape architecture, urban design and structural engineering in the United States.

Norman's award-winning entries are from Fall 2019 projects in his topic studios with lecturers Wendy Gilmartin (ARC 4011L and ARC 4301L) and Dennis McFadden (ARC 4021L) and from his internship at SmithGroup. The image above is related to Norman's project for Gilmartin's studio.

"I argued that the park would be a bandaid on top of the damage the freeway already did when it was originally built," Norman said. "It would not help with C02 buildup, homelessness, and tethering the community back together so the park would just get demolished in the future and nothing would be there but an empty unused cavity that the old middle class and the poor would populate unless we figure out how to bring the surrounding neighborhoods together and give new use for the old freeway. This also exposes the above and below circulation where nooks and cuts are exposed to daylight and integrating the park on each level with new circulation/ bridges for pedestrians throughout LA. The building is a film archive acts as an anchor and landmark for the bridges and the connecting streets and overpasses. It is about a mile long. So in short the image just shows how people would use my park proposal."