Studio Culture

Hana Lemseffer (B.Arch, '17), Interim Design Center, Bldg. 89.
Hana Lemseffer (B.Arch, '17), Interim Design Center, Bldg. 89.

Studio Culture Policy Overview

NAAB requires that all architecture programs, “demonstrate a positive and respectful learning environment through the encouragement of the fundamental values of optimism, respect, sharing, engagement, and innovation between and among the members of its faculty, student body, administration, and staff.” It also asks that programs, “encourage students and faculty to appreciate these values as guiding principles of professional conduct throughout their careers.”

Cal Poly Pomona has adopted a written Studio Culture Policy that specifically addresses issues of time management, respect for others, support for individuality and creativity, and safety policies to protect both faculty and students. The following list summarizes ways in which students and faculty can support an open and collaborative environment, as spelled out in the Studio Culture Policy:

1. A student representative shall attend all faculty meetings (with the exception of times when faculty are discussing personnel decisions or specific students).

2. The Department shall hold student and faculty meetings at the beginning of every quarter to introduce faculty, student activities and scholarships, and elective and topic studio course offerings.

3. The chair shall schedule a “chair chat” one day per quarter to get feedback from students regarding courses, policies, resources, and the general state of the program, and culture.

4. Students and faculty shall meet once per year to revisit studio culture policies and to discuss their effectiveness as well as ways to improve adherence to these principles. This meeting will also serve to reinforce the need for a positive and respectful learning environment. 

Studio Policy Contributors

Studio Culture Policy Contributors:
George Proctor, Chair
Sarah Lorenzen, Associate Chair

Zaira Hernandez, President (5th Year)
Vice President: Maya Reyes (5th year)
Treasurer: Kleon Tran (4th year)
Secretary: Jose Yael Flores (4th year)
Event Coordinator: Vi Phan (3rd year)
Publicist: Tyler Liang (4th year)
Fundraiser: Fariba Dorrifar (4th year)

ENV Reps: Klaude Matias (2nd year)
Jorge Saucedo (4th year)