Advising Tips

...and other CPP Life Hacks

1. Take responsibility for your advising. Know and understand your degree requirements and prerequisites.
2. All students must use MyPlanner on Bronco to create a personal roadmap of courses.
3. Make an appointment to see your advisor. Dropping in doesn’t guarantee you will be seen and get your issue resolved.
4. Look up info on Bronco and CPP website and bring necessary paperwork with you to your appointment. 


Find your Advisor listed on Bronco Direct. If none is listed, please see the Art Office.

Find your Advisor's Office Hours, location, and email address in the department's faculty listing page.

Visit or email your Advisor for an appointment. See your advisor at least once a year. If you have a hold, schedule an appointment two weeks before your registration date.

Got a HOLD? Here’s how to fix it:

GPA-Related Holds (See: How to Remove Holds)
Your negative service indicator on Bronco will say one of the following: Early Warning, At-Risk/Low Good-Standing, Academic Probation, or Academic Disqualification. You will need to complete several documents and tasks. Schedule an appointment with your advisor and bring the following completed documents to your meeting:

  •  Acompleted MyPlanner, “View as PDF,” and print it.
  • Use the CPP Grade Calculator to figure out the grades you need to get out of the situation and print it out
  • Write a professional letter explaining the reasons for your low GPA and specific steps you are going to take to raise your GPA. 
  • 125% Unit Hold (Super Senior) (See: CPP Graduation Plan Worksheet)

Complete both sides of a Graduation Planning Worksheet. Schedule an appointment with your advisor and bring the completed form to your meeting.

Financial Aid-Related Holds
Please see the Financial Aid office.


Are you ready FOR GRADUATION?

Graduation vs. Commencement participation
"Graduation" and "Commencement Participation" are two separate things at CPP. For students that are about to graduate, there are two categories they can fall into:

To walk in Spring Commencement: with courses completed in Spring Term
Students may apply for Graduation starting in January if they have 20 units or fewer remaining until completion of degree. If they apply in January, they may receive a Senior early registration time for Spring registration. However, the Registrar’s Office recommends waiting to apply for graduation until the student has registered for all of the courses they need to graduate because if a student applies for graduation and ends up finishing their degree later than they stated on their graduation application, they will need to re-apply for graduation and pay the fee again (currently $59).

To walk in Spring Commencement: with courses completed After Spring TERM
Degrees are awarded for every term. Students may apply for "Early Commencement Participation" (ECP) if they have 8 units or less to complete after the Spring term. These students may apply for Fall graduation starting in March and may receive a Senior early registration time for Fall registration. In order to participate in the ceremony and have the student’s name listed in the program, students need to submit their application to graduate by mid-April. Students will need to apply for ECP and then apply for graduation once they have completed or are currently enrolled in their remaining units. These are two different application processes with two fees.

Learn About BroncoDirect

Do you like videos to get your info? Check out the Bronco Advising Center YouTube Channel to find out how to do stuff on BroncoDirect. Topics include:

  •  Logging In To BroncoDirect
  •  Registering for Orientation
  • Financial Aid Disbursement
  • Using the Schedule Builder
  • Using a Permission Number
  • Adding and Dropping Classes
  • Searching for Classes
  • Applying for Graduation
  • Viewing Your Grades
  • Viewing Your DPR (Degree Progress Report) & Academic Information
  • Viewing Your TCR (Transfer Credit Report)
  • Viewing Your Account Summary
  • Viewing Your To Do List
  • Viewing Your Holds
  • Viewing Your Enrollment Appointments
  • Making a Fee Payment
  • Accepting Your Financial Aid: 2017–18
  • Disbursement v. Refund
  • University IAP Ambassador Presentation