Rhythm & Hues: Artist Meet & Greet

Thursday, September 26, 2019 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm
Bronco Student Center, Andromeda Suite

For his first solo exhibition, visual communication design student Ethan Moll wants you to experience synesthia – that peculiar condition in which one of the five senses is simultaneously perceived by at least one other.

Rhythm & Hues is a collection of paintings inspired by Moll's process creating pattern work from music. Each artwork is influenced by his favorite music genres: an eclectic mix of classical, Cuban jazz, 1970s acid rock, Japanese city pop, and modern-day futurefunk/vaporwave. To simulate a multisensory phenomenon, Moll assigned QR codes to each painting linked to a specific song it is associated with.

The exhibition is sponsored by ASI BEAT. Moll, a second-year student, has been a frequent participant in its Artist Student Spotlight Competition since his freshman year. His works were recently featured at the 25th Anniversary of Pomona Art Walk and the 2019 Orange County Fair.

"What I hope people take from my exhibit is a new way to listen to music," Moll said. "There is so much music out in the world that it's so hard to keep up with who's the most popular artist or what is the best hit on the billboard. But at that the same time, popularity does not mean it's good music. A lot of the things I hear on the radio all sound the same to each other therefore I see very similar attritubes when I listen to that type of music. There is nothing wrong with popular music, but there is something wrong if you don't expand your horizons. I hope you, the viewer, enjoyed what you listened to in the exhibit."


Exhibition dates: Aug. 19 - Oct. 4
Artist Meet & Greet: Sept. 26, 12-1 p.m.
Location: Bronco Student Center (Bldg. 35), outside Andromeda Suite