Graphic Design Course Planning


A New Name
In Fall 2018 Graphic Design changed its name to Visual Communication Design to better reflect the large scope of the type of work we perform from print, dimensional, spatial, web, and motion perspectives. Courses in the Visual Communication Design program will have the prefix “VCD.”

Workshop Courses
As you explore the semester curriculum another major change you will notice are the new Workshop courses. Workshop courses will replace many of the upper division courses from the quarter curriculum such as Graphic Design III, Web Design I and II, Motion Graphics I & II, Package Design, Environmental Graphic Design, and Digital Illustration. Workshops will be offered in Typography, Illustration, 2D, 3D, 4D, and 5D design applications. To take these courses in Fall 2018, Transitional students will need to have a C- or better in ART 252A, ART 275A, and ART 346A. Workshops will be 4 units each and meet once a week for 4 hours in the afternoon. Students will be expected to do a significant amount of work independently outside of class. The class sessions will be used for lecture and critique. Each professor will have a different take on the broad topic and topics may vary each semester. For example, a professor may teach Workshop: 3D as package design one semester and then environmental graphic design another semester. As such, the same Workshop may be taken two times for credit.