Cal Poly Pomona Department of Art Awarded New Active Learning Classroom by Steelcase Education

Pomona, CA, March 28, 2017— The Cal Poly Pomona Department of Art has been selected to receive the installation of an active learning classroom through the Active Learning Center (ALC) program, a grant initiative in its third year founded by Steelcase Education. The grant program supports both teachers and students by creating an environment that encourages engagement, collaboration and creativity.

With the installation of a classroom valued at $65,000, Cal Poly Pomona Department of Art will positively impact teaching and support pedagogies for students eager to learn. Each room includes modern movable furniture, design, onsite training, installation and a pre- and post-occupancy measurement tool.

Beginning summer 2017 and ready by the following fall, this Steelcase Education learning environment will be installed in Building 13 Room 1237 by bkm office environments. bkm office environments is a market leader in higher education classrooms in Southern California. This new classroom has clear zones to support different activities that may happen concurrently, from collaboration, to independent reading, to more formal instructor lectures. The versatile space engages students where they are – not where traditional classroom structures force them to be.

Cal Poly Pomona is in the heart of Los Angeles County and the cusp of the Inland Empire providing a unique environment both in its surroundings and its culture. The Department of Art at Cal Poly Pomona recently received recognition as one of the top 50 graphic design programs in the nation by Animation Career Review. The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design focuses on intensive work in art and design supported by a program of general studies. Students learn to work creatively and are afforded opportunities to apply their knowledge via strategic thinking.

“Cal Poly Pomona Department of Art was chosen because of a demonstrated commitment to active learning,” said Craig Wilson, Director of Market Development for Steelcase Education.  â€œResearch shows that space impacts behavior, and these classrooms will help a new group of professors and students explore the learning possibilities an interactive space can bring.”

In addition to receiving a new classroom, the Faculty Team will receive training from Steelcase on the uses of the furniture in their new spaces, and will also have the opportunity to share insights and best practices with other awarded schools. Over the two-year program, Steelcase Education and faculty from the Department of Art will partner together to conduct assessments and research on the impact of the newly designed space.

Along with Cal Poly Pomona, 14 other schools and universities out of over 900 applications were chosen for their unique approaches to active learning. For more information on the winners, visit the Steelcase Education website.

Steelcase Education
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