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The ENV Student Success and Advising Center team is committed to providing a host of advising services to students majoring and minoring in programs in the College of Environmental Design.

The Center is located in Building 7, Room 104A. (See map)

Academic Advising Support due to COVID-19

Campus buildings remain closed and locked due to COVID-19 concerns. Virtual academic and career advising are available to students. Have questions? The Center can be reached via email at

The Center is also on Instagram! Follow @cpp_envadvising.

Students have access to the expertise of the following advisors:

ENV Student Success Center Student Ambassadors
  • General advising tools
  • Make an advising appointment
  • DPR questions
  • Petition questions
  • CPP Connect questions
  • Registration questions

Bronco Advising Center (BAC)

  • DPR discrepancies
  • General advising
  • Course selection
  • Registration
  • Graduation Pledge
  • Petition assistance for General Education courses

Alie Ivie, M.S.
ENV Career Specialist
CPP Career Center Liaison

  • One-on-one career counseling
  • Resume writing
  • Interview techniques
  • Career exploration
  • Internship/job strategies
  • Grad school prep
Henry Flores
Retention and Graduation Specialist
  • At-Risk Students
  • Probation
  • Probation with Contract
Jay Ebue, M.Ed.
Senior Coordinator, Bronco Advising Center
Faculty Advisors
(If you don't know the name of your faculty advisor, please contact your department office.)
  • Questions about the major and the curriculum related to the major
  • General Education questions
  • DPR review
  • Grad check (by reviewing DPR)
  • Career advising
  • Petition assistance for courses in the major
  • Course selection
ENV Department Chairs

Questions about changing to an ENV major or minor:


env student success advising center faq

What is Curriculum Year?

Your curriculum year is the academic year that determines your degree requirements. Your curriculum year at Cal Poly Pomona is automatically set by the first term in which you enroll at our university or the term if you processed a curriculum year petition.

What is my Degree Progress Report (DPR)?

DPR is an overview of your academic status/degree progress based on your curriculum requirements, which is based on your transfer credits, test/ military credits and CPP completed/ enrolled courses.

What does CPP Connect do?

CPP Connect is a Learning Resource Center where you can message professors, view your class schedule and calendar.Also, you can view and make an advising appointment with an ENV advisor.

What is the difference between my academic advisor and general advisor?

Your academic advisor is from your department that can answer specific questions about courses and advice pertaining to your major courses. Your general advisor is the ENV advisors that can help with general advising, graduation check, and many other services. (See attached list below)

Can an ENV general advisor help me with permission numbers?

No, an ENV advisor does not have access to that information. Your academic advisor has more access and advice that can further assist you.


File Info Abstract:

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Degree Progress Report (DPR) (DPR.pdf)
File Info Abstract:

File size: 1.47 MB
CPP Connect (CPP Connect.pdf)

Career Advising

alie ivie portraitAlisande "Alie" Ivie is the first Career Specialist assigned exclusively to the College of Environmental Design. With more than five years of experience providing career counseling in the non-profit and community college setting, Ivie has a strong ability to connect with students while providing a supportive environment for them to identify their career goals. Her role is to assist students with all aspects of the career planning process. In addition, Ivie cultivates and assists in establishing connections with employers to create essential internship and employment opportunities.

Ivie organizes career and professional development workshops throughout the academic year. She is available for virtual/remote advising. Book an appointment with her via Handshake.

Media coverage: "How CPP College of Environmental Design is helping students navigate career opportunities during COVID-19" (Archinect, 04/23/20)

Ask a Career Advisor

Alie Ivie regular writes career advice columns as an extension of upcoming workshops. Below is an archive of recent articles she shares advice on what students can still do to make themselves job- and career-ready in the current economic climate.