ENV Speed Mentoring

Thursday, October 27, 2016 -
12:00pm to 1:00pm
Building 7 Courtyard
ENV Speed Mentoring
ENV Speed Mentoring

ENV's Speed Mentoring Program will hold its Fall Quarter session at the Building 7 Courtyard during U-hour. Students will have the chance to meet 20 professionals in the design field. Each 3-minute rotation will provide opportunities to ask for career advice, professional insights, and to establish bonds with new mentors.

The first 20 students also receive a $10 Bronco card.

Spots are limited. RSVP at https://2016-env-speed-mentoring.eventbrite.com/

Ever wonder:

  • How do make yourself stand out to a potential employer from a field of fellow job applicants?
  • How do you turn an internship into a permanent job?
  • What are my career prospects in the economy after I graduate?
  • How do you take a portfolio from "good" to "stellar"?
  • What are the short- and long-term career advantages of understanding the cultures of lateral design discplines, such as the intersection between urban planning and landscape architecture, art and architecture?

Ask the experts! Students will have the chance to meet principals, creative managets and regional industry professionals from ENV's alumni ranks, professional advisory boards and practitioner partners.

Samantha Gonzaga