env student success advising center faq

What is Curriculum Year?

Your curriculum year is the academic year that determines your degree requirements. Your curriculum year at Cal Poly Pomona is automatically set by the first term in which you enroll at our university or the term if you processed a curriculum year petition.

What is my Degree Progress Report (DPR)?

DPR is an overview of your academic status/degree progress based on your curriculum requirements, which is based on your transfer credits, test/ military credits and CPP completed/ enrolled courses.

What does CPP Connect do?

CPP Connect is a Learning Resource Center where you can message professors, view your class schedule and calendar.Also, you can view and make an advising appointment with an ENV advisor.

What is the difference between my academic advisor and general advisor?

Your academic advisor is from your department that can answer specific questions about courses and advice pertaining to your major courses. Your general advisor is the ENV advisors that can help with general advising, graduation check, and many other services. (See attached list below)

Can an ENV general advisor help me with permission numbers?

No, an ENV advisor does not have access to that information. Your academic advisor has more access and advice that can further assist you.


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