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Anne Martens is engaged in the Los Angeles art community in many contexts: as an artist, as a curator of exhibitions, as a writer and editor for art publications, as a creator of interpretive content for a major museum. Consequently, her experiences often combine these roles of artist, art historian, journalist, and media producer.

Anne holds an MA in journalism from the University of Maryland and an MFA in photography from The Visual Studies Workshop in Rochester, NY. Her art practice is rooted in photography and installation and investigates the nature of visual perception and memory. Exhibitions she has curated have focused on the intersection of painting and sculpture.

Since 2009, she has frequently contributed to Artillery magazine and has also guest-edited issues devoted to contemporary art photography. From 2003 to 2012, she served as an LA based critic for Flash Art International.

At the J. Paul Getty Museum, Anne is a media writer and producer of interpretive content targeted to public audiences. Media platforms include audio and video, websites, social media, and in-gallery presentations. Earlier careers ranged from designing webpages for an internet company to teaching journalism and art, to covering labor politics as a photojournalist in Washington, DC. 

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