Dean Woo Among 97 Signatories for Resilient Design Initiative

POMONA (Oct. 31, 2016) - On behalf of ENV, Dean Michael Woo has agreed to be a signer of the White House Educators Commitment on Resilient Design. The initiative promotes a resilience design agenda across a wide range of the nation's educational programs.

The move is an unprecedented effort, shaped by input of the nation's governors, mayors, county officials, Tribal leaders, and other stakeholders -- educational institutions among them -- towards climate resilience. According to White House officials, a coalition of 97 universities and colleges, and academic associations and centers have agreed to be signatories to "ensure that the next generation of design professionals are prepared to design and build" for in anticipation of the extreme impacts of climate change. Bolstering the initiative is the pledge of federal departments and agencies to support programs and research on interdisciplinary approaches to resilient design education and new resources to increase awareness of the ways in which resilience can be applied to design and construction.