[ENV Career Advising] What is your next mission?

Focus on the big picture and never lose sight of your goals (Careerlink)
Focus on the big picture and never lose sight of your goals (Careerlink)

Alisande "Alie" Ivie  is the college's first ENV Career Specialist. Below, she shares advice on what students can still do to make themselves job- and career-ready in the current economic climate. Check out her April 23 interview with Archinect, in which she talks about ENV and career advising during the pandemic.

There are a variety of reasons one might choose to pursue a degree. The main reason we pursue a degree and continue our education is to acquire a new level of knowledge. Earning a degree is a huge achievement that takes a tremendous amount of time and effort, but the most important piece is what you do with your education post-graduation and beyond. How will you use your education and experience to help design the future? You are capable of transforming lives by your ability to design. There is power in knowing that your ability will help shape the way we gravitate to design elements within our environment.

As you continue your academic journey, focus on the big picture and never lose sight of your goals. Always set goals for yourself to grow as a person, and as a professional. As students get closer to graduation, it can be extremely stressful to think about life after graduation, especially now more than ever. However, this is temporary. You will get through this and overcome this challenging time. It may require imagination and an innovative way of developing yourself and your personal brand. Never forget all that you have achieved and accomplished. Do not lose your momentum during this challenging time. Continue to develop and enhance your skill sets. For graduating seniors, congratulations on earning your degree, now think about your new goals for the future. Next, ask yourself... What is my next mission? What do I want to achieve? How will I design the future?