Sasha vom Dorp Prequel to 2018

Exhibition Dates: 
January 23, 2016 to April 7, 2016
Sound Mixing Light –34 Ways
Sound Mixing Light –34 Ways

Sasha vom Dorp has made photographs to better know his place in the universe. The human ability to travel the cosmos being limited, he has built a machine in an attempt to observe elemental transactions. He created a mechanical solution to what is a metaphysical problem: forcing basic elements of perception—sound, light, and matter—into a single frame. These result in photographs and video installations of sound encountering light as seen through the medium of water. On one hand, vom Dorp stages common phenomena. On the other hand, he captures tiny cataclysms never to be repeated. He brings you evidence of a minute history, in which no instance is petty, and every instant too complex to perceive in its entirety. A moment is all time; an atom the universe. His photographs and video artworks aim to capture the beauty and turmoil that occurs inside the most pedestrian events. Sunlight bounces on water; sound waves march toward oblivion.

Sasha vom Dorp: Prequel to 2018 is the second in a sequence of small exhibits at the Huntley Gallery highlighting tech-based, installation artists that are scheduled to have a much larger, solo or group, exhibition at the Kellogg University Art Gallery in 2018. The artworks selected for exhibition here give just a snapshot — a taste — of what is to come. David Jang, from Seoul, Korea, Sasha vom Dorp, born in Taos, New Mexico, and Bia Gayotto, from Florianopolis, Brazil, each use technology to create large-scale, video and/or installation artworks that transform spaces and provoke thought.