Somewhere in Between (the Lines): A Poetry, Prose and Performance

Thursday, January 31, 2019 - 11:30am to 1:30pm
W. Keith & Janet Kellogg University Art Gallery
Somewhere in Between, featured at the Kellogg University Art Gallery through March 17, 2019
Somewhere in Between, featured at the Kellogg University Art Gallery through March 17, 2019

THURS | 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM

Somewhere in Between (the Lines): Poetry, Prose and Performance is a “spoken word” event giving an opportunity for individuals to share their ideas about topics related to ethnicity, nationality, and shared cultures. 
This event is associated with the Kellogg Gallery’s current exhibition Somewhere in Between, a group exhibition consisting of twenty-four LA-based artists of various international origins, ethnicities and cultures. These artists address relevant concepts of transnationalism, cultural identity, appropriation, hybridization, and a sense of place and history. Together, these themes represent the role of artists bridging two or more cultures and the effect of that amalgamation. Through the use of various media, including installation, video, photography, book-making, found object, organic materials and textiles among others, these artists further engage with contemporary and historical topics of immigration, diaspora, displacement, current events and popular culture. 
The purpose in hosting the Poetry, Prose, and Performance Event is to also include the media of “spoken word” as a form of expressing these ideas. "Spoken word" entries were open to all campus and off-campus participants, and selected and submitted in advance to the event. Entries include poetry, prose, fiction, nonfiction, biography, autobiography, musical performance, or performance art, among other artforms with a "spoken word" element. 
For more information on attending the event contact artgalleries@cpp.edu. To participate as a “spoken word” performer for the Jan 31 event, please contact jedickerson@cpp.edu for entry submission information.

This event is in conjunction with the show, Somewhere in Between, at the Kellogg University Art Gallery exhibiting through March 17, 2019. Curated by Bia Gayotto and Michele Cairella Fillmore.

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