Sasha vom Dorp: 15.15 Hz transforms the way we see light and space

New Mexico-based artist Sasha vom Dorp wants you to see the interplay of light, sound and water in fleeting, microscopic moments.

You would have blinked and missed it, if he hadn’t captured these split-seconds in a series of photographs and multisensory video installations that are at the heart of Sasha vom Dorp: 15.15 Hz, the latest exhibition at the W. Keith & Janet Kellogg University Art Gallery.

Vom Dorp’s showcase is the follow-up to the Prequel to 2018 trilogy that ran from 2016 to 2017 at the Don B. Huntley Gallery, a series of small-scale exhibitions offering a sneak peek of his works as well as those of artists David Jang and Bia Gayotto that incorporate technology to create large-scale video and/or installation artworks that transform spaces.

15.15 Hz consists of images, as well as interactive light-based and multisensory video sound installations that capture sunlight as it bounces off water rippling at the eponymous frequency. The interaction is captured in two dimensions in high-speed photographs; four dimensions through video; and in five dimensions using a machine of his own invention designed to quiver, tremble and pulse water surface.

“Because there is no possibility of living forever, I wish to tear off a piece of it,” vom Dorp said. “I slow down time long enough to experience life’s wonder even it is just as we look at something as common as water spilling over the edge of a rain gutter.”

Vom Dorp’s exhibition demonstrates the latest stage of his artistic evolution. With roots in oil painting, he progressed to kinetic sculpture, photography and interactive multimedia installations. His work has been featured on PBS and the New York Times.

Sasha vom Dorp: 15.15 Hz is at the Kellogg Gallery through Oct. 18. The exhibition will conclude with a closing reception and an artist talk from 11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. For information and gallery hours, visit