About the Profession

Landscape Architecture– we design the public realm.  It can often be difficult to pin-down what Landscape Architecture does; it is abroad discipline with numerous paths.  It is a highly creative discipline with a deep foundation in ecology and design, history and culture, context and philosophy, urban planning and planting design.  In the end, we in Landscape Architecture design and plan the spaces where we spend our public and private lives outside. 

Landscape Architects connect place and people to develop the most sustainable communities possible. This profession mixes ecology, engineering, entrepreneurship, design, through the application of creative expertise in human and environmental health, beauty, and culture– a discipline at the intersection of environmental science, art, and ecology.  Landscape architects can make an extraordinary positive impact on the lives of people and their environment: your work can restore endangered wetlands, reduce hospital stays, create habitats for endangered species, grow food, organize creative play and even remove toxins from rainwater.

At Cal Poly Pomona we are working to empower the landscape of the future by educating those that will create it­­–people like you.   As the largest and most diverse program of our kind in the nation, the department uses the creative and cultural capital of Southern California to train bravely curious students to address the ecological and social challenges of the 21st century.


What is Landscape Architecture?

Landscape Architects design projects at all scales, from the residential gardens as a work of art to the National Park as a critical piece of natural and cultural conservation.  We design cities to work in harmony with ecology and promote the design of healthy public space.  We design system to protect and conserve our natural resources while we design road networks to promote multimodal transportation.   We work with communities to empower change and lead by design.  Consdier Central Park, our National Parks, your neighborhood park, your favorite urban palza, that cafe courtyard you like so much– all the work of landscape architects.  Green roofs, urban farms, corporate campuses-- all of these are encompassed by landscape architecture.