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MLA Curriculum Flow Chart

The first year of the MLA curriculum consists of 48 untis and is considered prepatory for first professional degree students.

The second and third years of the MLA Curriculum consists of 72 units.


Students must take one track, Project or Thesis, to fulfill terminal requirement.

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MLA Curriculum Flow Chart (_MLA_GradFlowChart_2015.pdf)


BSLA Curriculum and Road Map 2016/17 Academic Year

The BSLA Curriculum consists of 180 units:

99 core units

14 Required Support Units

3 Elective Units 

68 GE Units

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BSLA Curriculum Sheet 2016/17 (BSLA_Curriculum _2016-2017.pdf)
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BSLA Curriculum Road Map 2016/17 (_BSLA_Roadmap_2015-2018.pdf)

Semester Conversion

Begining in the Fall of 2018, the BSLA curriculum will become a 120 unit semester program:

  • 48 GE Units
  • 72 Core Ladscape Architecture Units
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DRAFT Semester Curriculum Sheet

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DRAFT Semester Curriculum Sheet (email_BSLA_LA_Semester_Curriculum Sheet_October17 Draft.pdf)
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DRAFT Semester Curriculum Flow Chart

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DRAFT Semester Curriculum Flow Chart (email_LA_BSLA_Semester_Curriculum_October 17_DRAFT.pdf)

BSLA Advising

The BSLA uses a cohort advising structure– each year-level cohort has a faculty advisor assigned that follows the class fron the first-year all the way through the fourth-year of the curriculum.  This method ensures year-level continuity with specifc advising that spans all members of each cohort.  

  •  Students are encouraged to email advisors to set up appointments.  Email is the official form of university communication. 
  • Any student that moves into a different cohort switches advisors to the year-level advisor of the cohort of which they moved into.
  • Students may work with any advisor upon agreement with the faculty advisor.

Undergraduate Program Advisors:

 College of ENV Student Success Coordinator

  • Teresa Castaneda (
  • Students are encouraged to meet with Teresa for any general academic advising; Teresa is especially good with GE courses.