Application Requirements

All department scholarship applications should address the specific scholarship criteria listed under each scholarship description. 

  • Any scholarships awarding less than $1000.00 need only submit a one-page letter of intent responding to the scholarship criteria. 
  • All scholarships awarding more than $1000.00 must submit a statement of intent, a digital portfolio, and any other requirements set forth in the specific scholarship requirements. 
  • Any student awarded a scholarship requiring a portfolio must submit a hard copy of the portfolio and a thank you letter to be sent to the scholarship donor.    
  • All award recipients will be required to participate in a public presentation at a future scholarship event.
  • All scholarship applications will become property of the department and will not be returned; in most cases portfolios are sent to the donors of the schoalrships.

Students are encouraged to apply for as many scholarships as they qualify for; however, each scholarship will require a separate and complete application. Each application should be tailored to specifically address the explicit criteria and intentions of each scholarship.

All reference to year-level criteria are for the upcoming academic year­; students graduating in the spring of the current academic year are not eligible.

Please submit completed applications to the Bronco Schoalrship Application website.  BSA is the online application for scholarship opportunities from colleges, departments, clubs, and offices throughout campus. For specific individual scholarship deadlines, go to the Bronco Scholarship Application.

All questions should be directed to the department office.