Term / Course:
Fall 2018

The LA 2111L Main Design Project will be the entry landscape to the HOLA Campus’ new Arts and Recreation Center ‐ A 25,000 square foot state‐of‐the‐art facility. The new Center will consist of modular structures with many of the modulars built from single‐use shipping containers that are converted into music and activity rooms, community rooms, and creative lab spaces. There will also be a large performance space that opens up into the landscape. The building is equipped with green roofs, solar and several stacked roof decks for students. The new entry space is located at the main entrance of the new Arts and Recreation Center. HOLA envisions a passive space with some seating areas for both individuals and groups, circulation throughout and is requiring the landscape to have a relationship to the new building physically, socially and symbolically ‐ while also creating a visually appealing view when walking to or out of the front of the building. Visibility into the space will be important as there are safety issues that will need to be addressed on site and within the surrounding neighborhood. There does exist a homeless population and gang activity in the area. There is/will be a fence and gate around the site. Knowing that these issues exist, also be thinking of how big and thoughtful ideas can address and/or accommodate them through design intervention.

Digital Drawing