LA 6111L Design III: Design for Change Laboratory

Fall 2018
MWF 3-5:50 p.m. (2-130)

Catalog Description

Examination of issues and concerns underlying landscape analysis, planning and design coupled to design processes, methods, and application for dealing across scales and context. Use of contemporary information system technologies in collecting, managing, processing, analyzing, synthesizing, and presenting landscape data and information to support design and planning decision-making. Techniques for predictions of alterations in social and natural processes brought about by human use of the land and the application of such assessments to environmental management. Field trips are required.

Prerequisite(s): B or better in LA 5121L ; B or better in LA 3581 ; B or better in LA 5581 ; B or better in LA 5771 ; B or better in LA 3611 ; B or better in LA 3621  and B or better in LA 5261 ; or Graduate Coordinator approval.
Component(s): Laboratory
Grading Basis: Graded Only
Repeat for Credit: May be taken only once