LA 6121L Design IV: Design of Complex Systems Laboratory (SPR19 | Section 01)

Spring 2019
MWF 3-5:50 p.m. (2-130)

Catalog Description

Advanced design studio that explores the integration of energy, food, water, land, air, habitat, fire, and other key landscape systems as core design requirements. Introduction to methods of regenerative and sustainable design practices to address ecological and human health. Site typologies under study may include but are not limited to the greenfields, greyfields, redfields, and brownfields. Field trips are required.

Prerequisite(s): B or better in LA 6111L  or LA 4811L ; B or better in LA 4872 , and B or better in LA 4771  or LA 4873 , or Graduate Coordinator approval.
Component(s): Laboratory
Grading Basis: Graded Only
Repeat for Credit: May be taken only once