The Department of Landscape Architecture takes pride in our connections with alumni and the design community that offer opportunities for our students to develop their design experience outside the classroom.

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To get a glimpse of recent experiences told from the perspective of our students, check out the sections below.

The Power of Nature | Dawn Wang ('18, BSLA)

Tippet Rise is a 10,260-acre conservation land in Fishtail, Montana that interweaves science, art, and nature. Visitors often express their awe towards the intimate integration of land art, classical music, agriculture and sustainability in just one place.

Before the Halstead couple established their vision upon this land, it was a scattered collection of post-homestead ranches that have been long-abandoned due to the harsh climate. The Olivier Music Barn at Tippet Rise utilizes a geothermal heating and cooling system supported by thirty solar wells. These solar wells go four hundred feet deep into the ground in order to sustain a fixed temperature for our twelve Steinway pianos. The parking lot pavilion is made of solar panels that directs stormwater into an underground storage, which later irrigates the campus. My duties as an operations intern included assisting educational workshops with local communities, set-up and break-down of music concerts, communicating with visitors, giving sculpture tours, and occasionally serving as a ranger to assist hiker/bikers. Towards the end of my internship, I proposed a custom bike rack with seating function and constructed a prototype.

Living in Montana for three months taught me how to respect and coexist with livestock, fire, and the power of nature; which I would not otherwise have in an urban environment. I was very fortunate to witness a successful execution and appreciation across multiple disciplines including ranching, engineering, design, art, and geology. 


This Magical Place | Galina Novikova ('18, BSLA)