The MLA program runs student advising throught the graduate coordinator.  This method ensures year-level continuity as it accomodates specifc individual advising required of each graduate student.  

  •  Students are encouraged to email the grad coordinator to set up appointments.  Email is the official form of university communication. 
  • Students are encouraged to discuss academic plans with any MLA  faculty members but all decisions must be coordianted through the graduate coordinator.

MLA Curriculum Flow Chart

The first year of the MLA curriculum consists of 27 semester units and is considered prepatory for first professional degree students.

The second and third years of the MLA Curriculum consists of 60 semester units.

Students must complete cumulating experience to fulfill terminal requirement.

Cal Poly Pomona is converting to a semester calendar from our existing quarter calendar in the fall of 2018 academic year.  As a result, we have rebuilt our MLA program on a traditional 2 semester model.  The DRAFT curricular documents are provided below for reference only.  These documents are still subject to change. Please contact the department for most update and accurate information. 

Advising Forms for MLA Students

This section summarizes advising forms used by MLA students or graduate students in general. This section may not include all forms needed and the forms listed here may not be the most updated. Please always check the dates on the form before usage. Students may check with the graduate coordinator or administration coordinator before usage. 

Below through the link to Advising forms from CPP Graduate Studies, you can find the following forms: 

  • Report of Cumulating Experience
  • Graduate Academic Petition
  • Petition to Change/Add Graduate Degree Objective
  • Request by an Undergraduate for Gradaute Credit
  • Leave of Absence
  • Application to Graduate 

Through the University Strategic Enterprise Risk Management, you can find the field trip forms. 

Also other department and program level forms are attached on this page for your reference as pdfs.