606 Project wins ASLA Student Award of Excellence in Community Service Category

Constructed Efforts - Building Resilient Communities in the Los Angeles Gateway Cities
Constructed Efforts - Building Resilient Communities in the Los Angeles Gateway Cities

606 Studio Project by MLA students (currently alumni) wins 2019 ASLA Student Award of Excellence in the Community Service Category. Congratuation to all students and faculty members contributed to the success! 

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Lianwei Ding, Student ASLA; Aaron Ackerman, Student ASLA; Adam Kehoss, Associate ASLA; Cristhian Barajas, Associate ASLA; Matt Moffa, Associate ASLA; Fei Xie, Associate ASLA; Jeremy Munns, Associate ASLA; Jie Dang, Associate ASLA; Kasandra Di Pieri, Associate ASLA; Kevin Maynard, Student ASLA; Kristin Misa Sullivan, Associate ASLA; Luis Pedraza, Student ASLA; Matt Wild, Associate ASLA; Sara Yazdi, Student ASLA; Charmy Adesara; Kristen Gill; Lila Takwa
Faculty Advisors: Lee-Anne Milburn, FASLA; Weimin Li, ASLA; Steve Cancian, ASLA 

The Jury commented as follows: 

"This project is a highly successful model for community-based design and planning in disadvantaged neighborhoods, engaging residents of the Gateway Cities along the Lower Los Angeles River Corridor in a hands-on process that has generated five built projects, a long-term plan, and the creation of a neighborhood advocacy group. Residents were guided through a variety of design, planning, and building events, including door-to-door canvassing, the creation of steering committees and neighborhood meetings, design workshops, and build days that transformed ideas into tangible changes to community spaces. This innovative multi-dimensional approach proves that small-scale projects have the power to engender large and lasting effects both in the built environment and within the community itself."