ENVirons Fall 2017

I frequently hear from alumni, parents of current students, our allies at high schools and community colleges, and readers of ENVirons that our College of Environmental Design is still too much of a mystery. ENV is doing well at producing graduates ready to compete in the job market, but we’re still a well-kept secret.
That is the simple idea underlying our upcoming ENV Festival, which will showcase the world of environmental design at Cal Poly Pomona, highlighting the diverse and sometimes awe-inspiring work and interests of our faculty, staff, students, and alumni.

The Globalization of The Art Market

Here’s one way to leave your mark aer graduation: Seize the most prestigious student honor at the Los Angeles Business Council’s 47th annual Los Angeles Architectural Awards.

ENVirons Spring 2018

What Can ENV Do About the Housing Crisis?
In academia or any large organization, leadership needs to stay focused on its main goals while taking care of the mountainous waves of minutiae that require daily attention.
At the same time, all of us are part of a larger world that surrounds us with problems that sometimes seem so big that they’re beyond our reach or sometimes even our comprehension.

By George Proctor, AIA
Chair, Professor, Department of Architecture

Frank Gerhy's Hay Barn. Image courtesy of Professor George Proctor, Department of Architecture.

For undergraduate students, study-abroad programs may be their first exposure to the world.

Fourth-year landscape architecture student Gerardo Rosales marvels at the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland

For 10 days in January, 20 fourth-year landscape architecture students in Professor Andrew Wilcox’s LA 402L studio visited Wuhan, China, to participate in a cross-cultural urban design studio with

Fourth-year landscape architecture student Dawn Wang, center, sketches with classmates Amy Chen and Nick Chau at the Yellow Crane Tower in Wuhan, China.

Last summer, graphic design student Marissa Merida visited Seoul, South Korea, as part of Assistant Professor Sooyum Im’s ART 299 special topics class.

North Korean and South Korean soldiers stand guard at the Joint Security Area at the Korean Demilitarized Zone.


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