Design III: Positive& Negative Spatial Composition

Term / Course:
Fall 2018

This project is the introductory project of  Design III: Spatial Design Laboratory class. Students have learned about process, scale, and context through the ink dot experiment. Regarding to architect Louis Kahn," when we draw to draw a picture that represented light, it is referred to white paper as the illustration of this, and remarked “what else is there to do?” Kahn revealed that when he put a stoke of ink on the paper, the black was where the light was not, so he could then create a representation that was luminous"

In much the same way, space is created in the void. The edges of the void activate space. The form, scale and articulation of a space and its edges within a context will create an experience. This project will explore process, scale and context as it relates to the development of form and space. The ink dot experiment using varieties of tools and material such as paint brush, chipboard, toothbrush, or splashing. The pattern or arrangement of the ink experiment will envisioned the form or enclosed space giving the design language.

The project are splited in 3 parts;

1.Analog or with paper presentation for 6 different aspects: density, opacity, formality, peability, layering, and activating.

2.Digital presentation by digitally scaned, digitally drawn, overlaid and manipulated to adapt to Garden, Plaza, and street. In this process will be considered the scale of spatial type and gives the experiences of intimate and/or personal for the garden, the communal and/or public for plaza, and the system and/or a set of relationships for the street.

3.Physical Modelling one from three  digital compositions.