LA 2111L Design III: Spatial Design Laboratory_Green Peaceful HOLA

Term / Course:
Fall 2018
Green Peaceful HOLA
Green Peaceful HOLA

The Green and Peaceful HOLA is the concept of making a new Hola Community Arts & Recreation  Center, suitable for youths, families, and communities in a green and peaceful environment.

 Surrounded by a green and peaceful garden,the building entrance is decorated with treesand shrubs to reduce heat and provide shade. A hybrid walkway/parking lot built with permeable turf block pavers will be allow stormwater runoff to percolate to the subsurface layer, contributing to a more natural, environmentally friendly entry. The front entry landscape is also the outdoor art gallery and the workshops for Arts and Music classes.

Located at the North side of the building along 6 th street, the Learning Green Garden facilitates a feeling of peace and freshness through the incorporation of  California native plants and a waterfall feature. The Learning Garden invites the young students and all of the HOLA community to relax and learn about plants during their breaktime within the peaceful surroundings.