LA 6121 - Stage of Romance Sculpture

Term / Course:
Spring 2019

The sculpture is a metaphor to the overprotective perspective of elders on how children should learn and grow. As we build and configure schoolyards in a way that increases “safety and security”, they also result to restrictions and limitations (symbolized by the cubic cage) to the growth and development of children (symbolized by the golden seedling). Children are forced into monotonous environments that go against the concept of multiple intelligence. The meaning of the sculpture transcends beyond this issue as the human instinct tends to be overprotective towards their loved ones, not realizing that we limit their promising potentials – their ability to explore, surpass challenges, and discover the world with their own judgment and understanding. We sometimes force them to be within our own definitions of comfort zone, safety, and development, which then create toxic and problematic relationships. We sometimes treat our loved ones like gold - hiding them in our jewelry boxes and shelves, always afraid of the possibility that they might be stolen away from us. We always forget the fact that children, just like gold, are born to shine and sparkle.