Term / Course:
Fall 2018
LA2111L_2018_Ray Senes_HOLAFramingTheFuture_Hesgard_E
LA2111L_2018_Ray Senes_HOLAFramingTheFuture_Hesgard_E

My design for Heart of Los Angeles, HOLA, entitled Framing the Future. Since HOLA is an after-school program for the youth of the city, they are creating a path for the future that should be highlighted. I took that into consideration when creating this design for HOLA's entry to their new Arts and Recreation Building. Both the paths and the planting frame the building and views into and out of the site. The main paths are direct and simple for people to access the gate entrances and lead viewers to the main entrances of the building. The secondary paths are more complex. They wind through the programmed gardens to allow viewers to go deeper into the site and explore those programmed gardens. The gardens in front of the building are programmed to be more active and can be used to explore or play. The garden north of the building's entrance is under a big tree canopy and can be utilized as a place for passive, quiet activities like sitting, reading, or relaxing. Both garden types can be used as gathering spaces or as an outsides classroom space. The planting throughout the site changes depending on the program type. In the exploring playspace there is a palm grove and few shrubs which makes the space open and there are less areas with shade. Unlike in the garden under the tree haven, where the space is mostly shaded area and many other large-canopy trees are planted.