Bricel Torrez

Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture
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My name is Bricel Torrez and I am a third year in the Landscape Architecture Program at Cal Poly Pomona. I am a 21-year-old full time student and have a passion for creative and critical thinking. I am the first person in my immediate family to study abroad and one of the few of my generation to graduate with a bachelor’s degree.

I believe Landscape Architecture is the link piecing together architecture and urban society, which influences and affects daily life. The skills and lessons I have learned in studio is the necessary foundation for designs and process thinking. My learning curve and passion for my career has vastly progressed over the past few years, expanding my perspective on the world and design. The exposure I have received so far from lectures, projects, and field studies has affected my process style and point of view on designing.
Immersing myself in different cultures, communities, and disciplines has given me the confidence to explore the world. Having the opportunity to hike through thousand-year-old canyons in the desert to urban forward cities off the west coast is giving me the knowledge and inspiration to create contemporary designs. Teaching me to critically think beyond textbooks and classroom walls.

My ideal job is to work in a firm that fits my design style as a Landscape Architect and my personality. I would ideally like to travel for work to different cities, states and other countries. Using the teachings and skills from Cal Poly Pomona and effectively creating spaces for people to occupy. I believe a narrative and storytelling style in designing spaces is very important so when I graduate I would like to work for a firm who holds the same values.

This past May 2019, I had the amazing opportunity to participate in a study abroad program to China and Japan. This once in a lifetime opportunity allowed me to see and live in new environments and cultures. Being immersed in these remarkable countries made me fully concetrate on my studies and gain useful travel experience. Travelling and working with students and faculty from different majors such as architecture, and urban planning has given me interdisciplnary work experience and different perspectives when it comes to urban designing. The study aboard trip has enhanced my value in my field and will immensely affect all of my future projects. I'm excited to share and upload my project and photos here on my resume.

I will continue to work harder towards my goals in Landscape Architecture and design spaces meant for the people. Thank you for reviewing my work and following my journey so far.