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Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture
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Hello Folks!

What you want to know about me is this, I was born and raised in the High Desert in the city called Hesperia, California, and as long as I can remenber growing up I've been fascinated with the enviornment around me and started to develop skills in sketching when I was about eight years old.

As I did, It become more than a hobby, I never thought to much about it till after high school when I went to community college to take my GE's so I can transfer to a university with a degree in Environmental Horticulture A.S.

Overtime it seem to advance in my art skills from not just drawing. I've started going out of my comfort zone and try new mediums along the way with the classes that suport my creativity and mindset. I decided to pick up an are that focuses on the environment and designing. I applied to my first choice in the Landscape Architecture program of Cal Poly Pomona.

My Studies here have brought me much determination to suceed in working hard and to not overthink in my decisions of what to do. Learn by doing is our motto is after all.


High School Diploma
Oak Hills High School
Associates of Science in Environmental Horticulture
Victor Valley College
Bachelor of Science in Landcape Architecture
Cal Poly Pomona

Academic Experience