Graciela Ramirez

Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture
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3RD  Y E A R  L A N D S C A P E  A N D  G R A P H I C  D E S I G N E R

- D E T A I L  O R I E N T E D
- V E R B A L  C O M M U N I C A T I O N
- H A N D   GR A P H I C S
- G R A P H I C  D E S I G N
- P H O T O G R A P H Y
- F I N E  A R T S

Love to learn new things that are challenging to keep me on my feet. I am bilingual, write, read, and speak in Spanish. 

I've been in the environmental community for a few years now and I could not regret anything about it. Have learned so much from this field, from doing hands on work to office work. 

The reason to why I decided this area of study is because other then growing up in a family of contractors, formans, and construction workers I enjoyed the work. Being able to create everything that someone has dreamed of come to life.


High school degree
Riverside Poly High school
Associates in Arts and Science
Riverside City College
Landscape design and Construction Certification
Mount St. Antonio College