Justin Thomas Steeno

Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture
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I was born in Hesperia, California and lived in the same house until I was 23 years old.  My parents kept me in public school my whole life, and I graduated highschool in 2011 at the age of 17.  After highschool, my older sister and I traveled western Europe and visited twelve countries in just under two months.  After the trip, I worked at my father's architecture firm for 18 months before going to Victor Valley Community College to get my associates degree in math and science.  During my time at community college I was fortunate enough to go on a herpetological expedition with my biology professor at the time.  We went to Indonesia, Malaysia, Timor-Leste, and Singapore on a 25-day trip with Discovery Channel personality Mark O'Shea from the program O'Shea's Big Adventure.  The purpose of the trip was to search for new species of reptiles and amphibians and their range extensions.  After getting my associates degree in 2016, I went back to work for my father for another 18 months and focused mainly on the landscape plans. I soon realized how beneficial a degree on the subject would be.  The first year in the landscape program at Cal Poly did an amazing job at introducing me to a variety of skills that will be expected from us in the field and, more importantly, showed me how important these skills are going to be.  I am excited to keep working on my digital and analog drawing skills, photoshopping and rendering skills, photography skills, and to continue to broaden my horizons as I progress through the program.